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Water Restoration Services


There are many types of water damage including but not limited to sewer backup, floods, burst pipes, ice damming, and more. While the damaging effect of water in the home is the same, each of these situations needs to be addressed at the source of the problem. At Hi-Tech DKI we have experience with each of these types of water damage, and can efficiently clean up water damage before a larger problem can occur.

Water damage can quickly turn into larger problems, including mould, when not properly removed. Hi-Tech DKI offers exemplary water extraction and damage restoration services to you. Our technicians will inhibit mould growth before it has the chance to infiltrate your home. We’ll be there to help you restore your home after flood damage.

Call Hi-Tech DKI to come examine the water damage in your home for a free estimate. We’re available seven days a week 24 hours a day to take care of your water damage.